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Hi Hollienea, Your Beginnings CD lifted my soul in meditation and touched my heart. With every touch of your fingers on your harp you bring divine presence through my ears. I can see what you meant by divine inspiration of your music when I saw you performing in Pasadena a week ago. Thank you beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing your gift of love for music. - John

Hollienea, Thanks. Your music is so soothing and very beautiful. Your website is wonderful! - from CD Baby

Hollienea, Hi, just want to say that I enjoy your music. You were playing your enchanting music at 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica . I bought your cd and ever since I have listened to the great music your fingers deliver when playing the harp. Good work ! - Mercurllo

Hi Hollienea, I cannot adequately express how your presence and performance at Janis Marla's surprise B'day Party transformed it from a simply event to an extraordinarily magnificent and magical event!!! We were mesmerized and entranced by your unbelievable music - your gift that you so kindly and beautifully shared with us!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts it was great!!!! Thank you for your CD as well - we love it! - Kind regards, Cheryl Cervone

Hollienea, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your performance on the Santa Monica Pier. I bought your CD and it was great!! You have a very unique and powerful talent. You play beautiful music and you sing like angel I love your singing .Your voice takes me to another place and you play your Harp so eloquently, you're truly beautiful and talented. - Sincerely, Keoni Noa

I purchased your CD off the pier a few weekends ago and I'm really enjoying it your Voice is so beautiful and your Harp is so bliss . I took some pictures of you I would like to share them with you truly beautiful . Thank you for the CD!!! It's great!!! - Cheers , Fletcher Thomason




Pier So oft; yet never soon, the spell of some enchanted wind shoots, through and through, the heart of this wandering bard; And yet there is no force no purge... no word. But now I feel the noble Sting of this poet's blood. Oh, Fair Hollienea, the past of my dear Fire in the sharp bright moon of your music compels this hand, and shifts my soul like the thousand waves that curled below us, neath the pier; and I shall now sing ten thousand songs - William F. DeVault

About a month ago my wife and I were in Arizona when we heard the most beautiful music being played. There she was, her Harp and her Voice. We were captivated and we bought her CD's there and then. Absolutely Wonderful Hollienea, - Karen and John

Hollienea the spiritual lady, Thanks for lifting my spirts I was walking on the pier and I saw this beautiful lady singing and playing her Harp. Her music is so soothing it touched me. I bought her CD it is wonderful. Thank you Hollienea, Sincerely, Tom

Dearest Hollienea, You are an angel upon a divine drift of music... from one musician and maiden to another, I salute you. Your Voice soars from the heart and penetrates the earth and heavens.... I purchased your CD's it is enchanting and inspires my own creative life. Blessings to you, Hollienea. - Thank you, Jocelyn Woods

Saw you at the pier... Your CD's are amazing!!! your music is truly great, keep up the wonderful heart warming sounds... - Stephen Twatson

Hi Hollienea, I don't know if you remember me but I met you in Pasadena you were playing your Harp in front of Barnes & Nobel. I was with my friend. We had a spiritual chat for a few moments and I was fascinated by your divine drive for music and the passion that comes from the heart. It is so refreshing to hear someone describe their gift in the most truthful way it comes, through the heart and gut! I bought your Beginnings CD and it was beautiful for meditation, connected immediately with God as soon as you started playing, what a gift you have. A bigger gift you have is that you actually know your gift in life and where it comes from. Isn't it utter joy to be in touch with the maker through your very profession and passion? I would love to have a chat with you some time, when you have the time, about your spirituality and music. May be over tea somewhere around Pasadena. I found your view on God's expression of his love through your music soooo genuine and touching. I have recently discovered that beautiful music, like yours, has the power to lift my soul up from any condition whatsoever and raise my spiritual vibrations to a divine level. I use it all the time in my meditation. Peace and Love, Hassan Farhood

Hollienea, Thanks for performing here at Priscilla's Cafe. You were so beautiful and you play the Harp so soothing and your voice is so Pure. You and the Harp are one. Enchanting is right. Hollienea puts you in celestial state of mind and her Voice takes you to a special journey. Keep up the great work. Look forward to your future performances. - Priscilla's Cafe, Mike Wallace

Hollienea, I own your CD's and I love it ! Like many, I bought it from you in Santa Monica some years ago. Thank you, Richard Longley

Hollienea, You are Amazing! I'm more than thrilled to have you as part of our event. I'am so intrigued and you are so beautiful. I purchased your CD and it 's great! - Elda

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