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Hollienea released her fourth CD  "Spirit" - "Harp full of Soul" Spiritual Meditational Harp music, featuring Harp and Keyboards & Sounds.

Harpist Hollienea has a new video "Waltz of Love" on Youtube.

Hollienea is available for all occasions and special events, parties, weddings and movie premieres.

Also check out the venues below for Hollienea's performances.

for more information contact:
or telephone (818) 386-5949

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Hollienea's Video


Date   Location     Venue   Time   Telephone

02/26/18   Phoenix, Arizona            
02/28/18   Los Angeles, California            
03/09/18   Pasadena, California            
03/10/18   Beverly Hills, California            
03/16/18   Simi Valley, California            
04/10/18   Beverly Hills, California            
04/17/18   Pasadena, California            
04/31/18   Santa Monica, California            
05/07/18   Los Angeles, California        
05/21/18   Burbank, California          
06/04/18   Pasadena, California            
07/18/18   Beverly Hills, California            
07/26/18   Santa Maria, California            
08/19/18   Phoenix, Arizona            
08/28/18   Sedona, Arizona